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If you have any concerns about a young person becoming involved in crime please call 020 7527 2600 for help and advice. If you have been a victim of crime and would like support call Islington Victim Support on 020 7336 1770.If you want to report anti-social behaviour incident in your area call the non-emergency number 101. 

A child who is affected by gang activity or serious youth violence may have suffered, or may be likely to suffer, significant harm through physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

The YOS inspection (2015) highlighted a need for us to better recognize significant harm to children that may arise as a result of gang involvement and violent incidents such as stabbings. It also noted we need to better recognize and respond to the risk of harm to siblings and girlfriends of gang involved children and young adults.

The safeguarding risks posed by violent gang crime are a consistent and striking issue for Islington and pose a major concern for all agencies working to safeguard children.

Effective safeguarding procedures are essential to support children associated with gang members; those who have been drawn into the periphery of gangs; as well as promoting the exit from gangs of the small but significant number more heavily involved. Procedures also crucially need to protect those who are at immediate risk of harm either as gang members and/or (potential) victims of gang related behaviour.

The Islington Youth and Community Integrated Gangs Team (IGT) is an innovative partnership response to serious gang violence in Islington that seeks to balance the tensions between proportionate enforcement and effective engagement to encourage and achieve gang exit for those few young people who become involved in the exploitative and risky gang environment.

In response to the changing nature of gang activity and our commitment to focus on earlier intervention we have developed a new Prevention Offer. The Integrated Gangs Team is extending its offer to work with a broader range of children and young people who are on the cusp of being drawn into gangs or serious youth violence, which will include work with siblings of those involved in gangs. The IGT Operating Manual has been revised to reflect this new offer and describes the service, the updated referral pathway and thresholds.

For more information on gangs or serious youth violence, please contact: Integrated Gangs Team

The Bronze Group

The Bronze Group is a multi-agency operational meeting which aims to prevent and reduce young people’s involvement in gang activity, group offending and violent crime in Islington. The work of the Bronze Group is underpinned by the overall aim to prevent harm to children and young people. It aims to do this through the sharing of information and the most effective coordination of resources to work with individuals and groups.

For further information on The Bronze Group please contact the Integrated Gangs Team ( Tel: 07703380225

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