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Child trafficking is the term given to the illegal movement of children into and within the country and the intent to exploit them. The majority of children who arrive here in this way have been promised a good job, money and / or education; sometimes their parents have been persuaded to entrust them to others for a better quality of life. Once here, they are almost always exploited for financial gain.

All children who have been exploited will suffer some form of physical and / or psychological harm. Agencies have a duty to work together to safeguard them and promote their welfare. In order to do this effectively, people first need to be able to recognise when children have been trafficked and to understand the particular vulnerabilities to which this makes them susceptible.

As most children who are victims of trafficking are not aware of their rights or that they can claim asylum, once they have entered the country, they are unlikely to come to the attention of asylum or immigration services. Often, they will only come to the notice of statutory services when it is too late. Most trafficked children are invisible. Protecting them and promoting their welfare depends upon the awareness and co-operation of community groups and members of the public. Safeguarding trafficked children is very much everyone’s business.

Please contact Islington’s Children's Services Contact Team, 02075277400, for advice and to make a referral.

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