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“I have always felt that Islington offers excellent courses. They are very thorough and well presented. I have been attending for many years and have experienced some superb interactive presentations.” 

The ISCP offers training in line with Competence Still Matters, 2014, issued by the London Safeguarding Children Board. This guidance lays out the minimum requirements for the provision of safeguarding training across London. It places staff and volunteers into groups (ranging from Group 1 to Group 8) based on the level of contact they have with children and families and their roles and responsibilities for child protection and safeguarding.

The emphasis of the ISCP core group and additional training is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to safeguard and protect children and to develop effective communication between services.

The multi-agency core training offer includes:

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead – Roles and Responsibilities
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Refresher / Update
  • Safeguarding and Information Sharing foundation
  • Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review Briefing
  • Working Together to Safeguard Children Induction
  • Trauma-informed practice

All of the training courses are free to anyone who works or volunteers with children, young people and families within Islington.

If you have any further enquiries relating directly to training please email


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