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The purpose of the sub-group is to ensure:

  • The ISCP promotes training of a high standard, appropriate to the needs of staff across all agencies and sectors enabling them to effectively promote the safeguarding of children.
  • ISCP partners provide their staff with relevant training so that they are competent and confident to carry out their child safeguarding and protection responsibilities.
  • Multi-agency training complements the training available to staff in their own agencies / settings and focuses on the ways in which professionals work effectively with others to meet the needs of children.
  • The ISCP’s multi-agency training offer promotes a common and shared understanding of the respective roles and responsibilities of different professionals and improves a ‘joined up’ approach in working with children and their families/carers.
  • Training creates an ethos which values working collaboratively with other professionals, respects diversity (including culture, race and disability), is child-centred, promotes partnership with children and families and recognises families’ strengths in responding to the needs of children.

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